A blog update??

By on May 9, 2017 in Blog |

This is my first blog update in almost 2 years. Why now you ask?

What’s wrong with me? Am I injured? Pregnant? Retiring? Well I’ll answer that and say nothing is wrong, I am not injured, not pregnant, not retiring. So, pretty boring really.

I am in the process up updating my website, which was last updated at the end of 2015. I missed a whole year!!! Clearly my social media skills are very sporadic and need improvement. I don’t write race reports. Why? Race day is very personal for me, all of the feelings and emotions of the day, and there is no point in me sharing data on power, heart rate, paces etc etc because I have no idea about this. I use them in training, but I pretty much forget all of that as soon as the race starts and all I have left at the end of the day are my memories and emotions felt through the day. That’s why I do this sport. That’s why I started. And that’s why I am still doing this sport after 12 years. Even though it has changed somewhat, and not all in positive ways.

Scott and I are now based in Cardiff, California, and will be heading to Switzerland in early June after two rust-busting races here in the US. My aim over the summer is to blog about some of our adventures while we are away. What we get to experience in 8 weeks and the people we meet or already know really is unbelievable and worth sharing. I would never have experienced it if I didn’t follow my heart and race triathlon professionally. Another reason I do this sport.

We have some great sponsors – XRCEL, Vision, Rudy Project, ISM, blue seventy – who we are super grateful of as the opportunity gain and retail supportive, loyal sponsorship these days is no easy feat.

I have 3 races planned for the summer – Deauville Triathlon, Ironman France, and possibly Embrunman. My heart wants to do Embrunman so if my body wants it too after Nice, then I’ll give it a shot.

Stay tuned, and I hope to share some summer adventures with y’all:)