A short update: June gloom be gone! It’s time for summer…in Swiss!

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We are almost half way through 2015, so I felt it was time for a quick update…so here we go…

Both Scott and myself have had a relatively slow start to the year on the racing front. I think for both of us it has been the first time in years we have not lined up for an iron distance race in the first half of the year! This was our plan – to ease into the year, build a strong base, and come storming home in the back half of the year where in previous years we have been burnt out and our race results have reflected that (particularly mine!).

In previous years, I have started racing in February or March, and continued through to August with mixed results. My best races have usually come around mid year – and my worst from September onwards. I wanted to change that this year.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about myself, faced some truths I never wanted to face (or accept), learnt what makes me tick and what can potentially destroy me. And in the end am I a better, stronger person? I think so.

Some people get lost in the jungle or go to deserted islands or spend time in third world countries to discover who they really are…our sport can do the same if you let it.


Ok enough deep thoughts…

Scott and I started the year off with a few 70.3 races and are looking forward to racing our first Challenge Roth on July 12. We have both had a great training block since our last race (Wildflower) and are starting to show signs we are ready to race. Although, having such a long training build is starting to wear pretty thin! We are both tired, a bit cranky, but ready to get on with our summer of racing!


We will race as a team next weekend at Challenge Atlantic City to support Race 2 Rebuild (you can still donate and support us and Race 2 Rebuild here) and from there we will spend 6 weeks in the Swiss Alps for a short stint of training and racing.

After Roth, we will be setting off on the famous Alpe Du Huez trip where we will ride 2 days to Alpe Du Huez, race, and then make our way back to our village in Switzerland. I have had the privilege to do this trip back in 2012, and I can say with a smile on my face (still laughing at one of our team mates antics on the trip) it is an experience of a lifetime!

I will finish the summer racing the hardest iron distance race on the circuit (or so I am told), Embrunman.

I will keep you posted along the way. Thanks for reading & happy training!

Remember your goals. Stay the course. Don’t let anyone or anything push you off your path to success…whatever that looks like for YOU:)